Thursday, February 16, 2017

Metal Detector Philippines


I advise anyone not to buy a cheap detector. A good metal detector is a machine that will do the job and last a long time, it is an investment.

From intrigued a beginner goes to serious, and from serious to addicted, and the reason is, when you buy a quality detector you will find stuff you never thought you would.


The more a detectorist grows their appetite for more profitable sites, more time to be in the field, and in turn better finds. A cheap detector would hardly provide the latter, and a treasure hunter would have to spend more money upgrading to a better machine cheap foreign made detector falls apart and stops working in just a short time, because of the low quality. As an old saying goes, “A stingy person pays twice.”


Today the technology is developing so fast that a number of new models appear on the market, they are like new cell phones.They all have some new features which give them an advantage over previous models. read more of this page here,

Metal Detector Philippines

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