Monday, August 22, 2016

Liked on YouTube: Handwriting Expert Examiner

Handwriting Expert Examiner
Handwriting Expert Examiner 580-467-4786 I am, Brenda Petty, a court-qualified Forensic Document Examiner. My goal is to assist the trier of fact and assist others who find themselves in a troubling situation involving documents.  I have studied handwriting for 12 years, completed a two year Forensic Document Examiner study course with Handwriting University and have apprenticed under some of the leading court-qualified Forensic Document Experts in the USA such as: C. L. Baggett, Texas; Bart Baggett, California; Don Lehew, Texas, Robert Baier, New York and Wendy Carlson, Colorado. Handwriting Expert Examiner Click here to watch more videos from this playlist, Subscribe to my channel, watch other videos about Forensic Document examination,
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