Saturday, August 13, 2016

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Forensic Document Examiner Oklahoma City
Forensic Document Examiner Oklahoma City 580-467-4786 The first case I worked involved an Abraham Lincoln document pictured on the left. When it was first presented to me, I thought I was looking at something holy and that I had found an original document. The paper looked like parchment paper and it was discolored from age and very brittle. I was also told it had been found in an old trunk that was now buried and had been kept folded in a dresser drawer since the early 60’s. I started the examination. The examination also involved research. I discovered a pharmacist in mixing a preparation had spilled some on paper. Upon returning the next day, the paper had aged and appeared to be parchment. Then I discovered that State Fairs travelling across the United States had started to sell lithographic copies of the original documents printed onto parchment type paper. If one looks at the picture carefully, it is clearly seen that anywhere an ink goop or mark appears on the original, it shows up on the document I was given to examine. After I told the people who brought me the document that it wasn’t an original but a copy, they proceeded to take it to a Tulsa, Oklahoma museum. The news story that aired showed the curator expressing excitement over the document. I knew just how he felt. However, they too, after research, came to the same conclusion I had reached. The document was a copy. Please subscribe to my Channel, Watch more expert document examination videos on this playlist, Watch this next video about Forensic Document examination, View this video from Dallas or This one in Houston,
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