Sunday, May 29, 2016

Liked on YouTube: Executive Engineering Search in Ft Myers FL

Executive Engineering Search in Ft Myers FL
Executive engineering Eearch, in Ft Myers, Florida, (866)272.7199 Need a Executive Engineer? We are the Top Executive engineer placement agency Nationwide. We are a National Executive Search firm, specializing in Corporate-level Engineering Management Positions. We serve top National firms that are; Engineering Firms Architectural Firms Specialty Manufacturing Industries like, Environmental, Clean Energy. We conduct Contingency and/or Retainer searches, offering our clients personal attention while maintaining confidentiality and high professional standards. Number One key to our success is that We identify and recruit Passive Candidates – those individuals that are performers who are at the top but are not actively looking for a new opportunity. • Our average we submit fully qualified candidates within 4 days. • 98% of all candidates submitted are interviewed. • 96% of all candidates we've placed have stayed longer than 5 years. Primarily we Recruit Senior Corporate-level Management Candidates for A & E Firms and Specialty Manufacturing Industries such renewable energy companies. Such as; Executive Management positions C-Level Officers/Directors Senior Engineering Management EHS & Sustainability Managers On a nationwide Level, Max Group Search serves…. A & E Firms Environmental Engineering Firms EPCM Firms Environmental Engineering, Specialty Manufacturing Industry, such as… Renewable Energy Companies Clean Energy Industry Solar & Wind Energy There is a US Map on the screen that shows our 9 Partnering offices covering the NE…SE…Midwest, Gulf States and West Coast. Each office has a unique dedicated staff that specializes (primarily) in Corp Engineering Management staffing. Our main US-based office is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. For Search and Recruiting on a National Level, we recommend that you first contact our main office in West Palm Beach…you can reach us at our ➔Toll Free: (866)-272-7199 Ask for me…Brian Ribke….my email is ➔ Or our National Accounts Manager ➔Lisa E. Prager ➔ Again...Please let us help you become successful in your business by letting US help identify and recruit Passive Candidates for YOU – those individuals that are top performers but not actively looking for a new opportunity. Thank You! Visit our website, subscribe to our channel and get the latest updates, Follow us on Twitter, Follow us on Engineering Source, G+ To see another video about executive engineering search in Boca Raton FL, click here, To see watch another video about executive engineering search in Miami FL, click here, Watch our video from Orlando, Watch the playlist,
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